Enkon group is a constitution of Ozamrak Constructions which have been working since 1987. The company has been working in construction industry for years,and has complated various projects  such as hotels and residences, industrial constructions, conventional reinforced concrete structures and prefabriced constructions and the other hand, the production and installation of steel structure, conveyor lines, ready-made concrete batch plants, crushing plants, underground concrete feed bins as well. The Group has worked on many other industrial construction projects, when needed including design of the  project.

Semih  Ozamrak  graduaded  in 1974  from  EGE  UNIVERSTY   and  have been  UK For  master  works, and  before formed  the his own  company, he  had  been worked  many Engıneering  projects.

He has  been  in saudi arabia  for years in major  project the name of
AL MEDINAH  AL MUNAVVARA  PUBLIC HOUSING PROJECT as acted  cheif eng of logistic department ,2084  concrete buılding has been produced  in this project.
besides  has  acted as engineer  for feasebilitiy  studys  which is to be  invested  in some  foreing countries  as well.
Semih ozamrak  inşaat  san  ve ticaret  company  has been   formed in 1987, and later the name of  ENKON GRUP INS TURZ  REKL SAN VE TIC  LIMITED  COMPANY .. has  been  formed in 2005

All these  years  over  75 construction  contracts  have been complated  and our Expriences   
Are  outlined below:
Reinforced concrete  industrial buildings ,
Fabricate steel  structure and erection for ındustial buildings,
Silos in steel ,
Construction of crushing plants, conveyor  route ,
Reinfoced concrete underground   feed bin ,
Ready mix concrete  plants constructions ,
Prefabricate  industrial buildings
Gravel   angd sand mill, screening  plants constructions ,

Drainage  works  such as surface water and  waste water networks  including  waste water  Treathment  sutructures even some  of construction  project  designs  has  been  carried out  by ourself .


Besides all these, Enkon Group started to work in different fields in 2005, such as tourism and advertising business and enlarged